4 Ways You Can Give Back to God and His People

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Hello All!

Reading the Bible has become a complete eye opener in my own life in every aspect. It has specifically shown me how mindlessly I have been walking through life without being conscious of my relationship with the Lord. So many times I have been caught in a state of receiving. As an American, it is in our very nature!

Although this specific post is centered around how to give back to God, it is equally important to realize that these tips can be used to just help people in general. Whatever you put out into the world you will be sure to eventually receive.

It is important to become aware however, of what is triggering us to talk to the Lord. Are we only praying when we have a special request in our lives and things are harder than usual?

Believe me, I have had the same tendencies in my own life. So I started to ask myself…

Why Should I Give Back to the Lord’s Kingdom?

It became evident that if I wanted any type of a relationship with God, then I needed to make sure that I was giving back for everything that he had given me. Although this is a finance blog, it would be a disservice towards you to leave out the influence I believe God has on our finances. A part of making this blog is to be able to share with you what has been working in my own life, and hopefully help you adopt some of the same notions I have explored!

With that in mind, I believe God is our personal investor. The more that we give to him, the more he has to work with. In some cases, even reward us with returns!

Not to mention, I try to make a conscious effort to always be in a state of giving instead of receiving as I believe that this is the true gateway to fulfillment in life. If you’d like to learn more about how giving and tithing can create tremendous benefits in your own life and others, I have a post which discusses more about it here.

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Basically what it says is that donating and tithing is the ultimate key to TRUE happiness. It allows you to become less self-centered and involve yourself with the world as a collective unit. Not to mention, this is also a way that you can give back to God.

With that, I came to the conclusion that it is important to give back to the Lord’s kingdom for multiple reasons. Mainly because…

  1. You begin to feel more fulfilled
  2. You rid yourself of the receiving nature which can cause anxiety and depression
  3. You are ultimately building a stronger relationship with everyone around you and the Lord himself

Keeping these reasons in mind, it’s time to explore the bread and butter of the question…

What Are Some Different Ways to Give Back to God?

Surprisingly, when I was trying to discover of a way myself of how I could give back, I had a hard time finding specific ways online that I could give back with my own PERSONAL touch.

I knew the obvious ways that you can make the world a better place, but I wanted to give back in a way that would truly feel like I was doing this out of who I was and not someone else. Something that really resonated with my nature and enabled me to stick to what I was trying to do.

I eventually brain stormed some ways that really spoke out to me. Here are some examples of things that you could try in your own lives that could strengthen your ability to give.

  • Use your skills and talents!
    This solution was my personal choice. Whether you make music or write a blog, your talents are great ways to express yourself and show your thankfulness for everything you have in your life. It allows you to become appreciative of every blessing that has been given and taken throughout your existence.
  • Donate and Tithe.
    There’s something really personal about giving away your hard earned income or even your personal belongings that you have clung onto for past years. It allows you to DETACH. Most of all, it allows God to work in ways unimaginable which inevitably end up beneficial in your own life.
  • Pray during the good times!
    I realize that some of these things can be very time consuming and may require a lot money and resources. Because of that, praying when things are going well and just thanking God for everything he has placed in your life is a quick way to give back and show your appreciation for all the great things that have happened to you. Not to mention it’s free!
  • Give your time.
    I know this is the obvious one but, there is nothing more valuable on this earth than your time. Time is the most precious commodity that we all have in common. It is the ultimate equalizer among us that all humans have to face. If someone in your family or someone close to you asks a favor, do it for them! The generosity alone will feel great and who knows, you might be rewarded for taking the time out of your day to help them.

Of course, you can always go and volunteer for certain causes but currently with the presence of COVID, I focused more on ways that you would be able to give back, should you be in the situation you are unable to expose yourself.

Now all of these tips are great and all on paper but…

How Exactly Do You Begin to Implement These Tips?

In my own life, I decided to make this blog post. This was a specific talent and platform that I could directly give back for all of the great things that had entered my life. I reasoned that if I could help just one person, than I was successful in my contribution. I begun by realizing all the great things that were happening in my life and thought to myself,

“Do I really deserve all of these fortunate things that are occurring?

This is a hard time for many of us around the world so I realized the situation I was currently in. A third person experience is important in the first step of giving back. We must first realize how lucky we are if we even hope to begin helping those who aren’t as fortunate.

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If using your talents isn’t something that really resides with you, donating a portion of your money to a cause that you feel speaks to you is something that I have found is truly fulfilling. It allows you to become more connected with the world and diversify how exactly you would like to spread out your money.

You can begin doing this today, just by creating a percentage of your income that is dedicated to this concept. Even a number as small as 5% is a great step in the right direction towards giving back.

As it is important to receive the vital parts of humanity such as money and love, it is equally as important to give the same back. We could never expect these things to come to us if someone in the world never put them out. Be that person that becomes the source of giving! The servant of the people always becomes the most valuable. The most valuable person becomes the most successful and fulfilled.

Thank you as always for all of your feedback. It means a lot as it helps me make these posts a better learning experience for you the reader! If you found this post valuable and you learned something new, a share is always appreciated!

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