Andrew Martinez Owner of Minerva Money

My Mission

Nowadays people are obsessed with the “get rich quick” scheme instead of taking the time to become more financially educated so that they can rely on their mind to help sustain a beneficial financial future instead of a catastrophic one. It breaks my heart watching people have so much potential but they don’t know what to do with it. Minerva Money is something that I have created in hopes to guide you in order to become a master over one of the biggest obstacles that prevent most from reaching that potential. FINANCE.

Who am I?

My name is Andrew Martinez, currently a college student at Texas A&M University who is striving to achieve a bachelors of science degree in Agricultural Economics. I have a dream to own and manage the worlds most helpful and serviceable financial website, providing as much value as possible to improve the reader’s quality of living. Because of this dream, I have recently become a resident of Austin, Texas, another long time goal of mine that has been fulfilled in recent years. Now, with my dream at the forefront of everything I do, I’m on a mission, to share everything that I have learned from the books that I’ve read, the classes that I’ve taken, and the mentors that I’ve watched closely, with all of you!

Why should you read a blog on finance?

In this blog, you can expect to find enrichment in things like the tools you’ll need to become a successful investor, how you can make money to supplement your investments, new financial terms that are common in the investment and entrepreneurial world, and much much more. Too many times have I met people who have so much to give to the world but are unable to, strictly because of their financial situation. No longer will I sit by idly and allow so much untapped potential to wander throughout the world. This is YOUR opportunity to better yourself in the realm of finance and spirituality, to take full control of your future. Now is the time to focus on what really matters and allow financial impediments as a means to betterment.