Creating the Foundations of an Unbreakable Financial Mindset (Part 2)

Hello there and welcome back to part 2 of establishing a financial mindset!

Hope everyone has been good while in quarantine and has been taking this time to grow and work on themselves.

As a refresher, last time we highlighted the first part of establishing an unbreakable financial mindset that is needed in order to have complete control when life throws obstacles in your way. I mainly discussed topics that are controllable internally including things like….

  • Taking the time to BE DEFINITE
    • It is important to be definite so you don’t question yourself when doubt or obstacles come your way
    • Having the necessary knowledge that you need in order to successfully come to a solution to a problem is paramount to your success. Because of this soak up as much knowledge as possible!
    • Mainly including things like constant habits can help establish a clear mind and allow you to be able to keep moving forward knowing what is and what isn’t truth.

Which leads me to our topic today which includes EXTERNAL factors that can be controlled to better help create an unbreakable financial mindset

Yes is is true that you can control your INTERNAL thoughts to help you better but how can you create the ultimate environment in order to better set yourself up for financial success? I have created three main external factors that should be taken control of in order to better establish your financial mindset.

Become Organized.

One of the most important external factors that you can control is becoming more organized. Organization in both the mind and around you can help for a clear mind so that when the obstacles appear in your life, you are able to better assess the situation

A cluttered mind can be detrimental to your financial mindset because storage within the brain is being used. Clear the task list and the environment around you by starting with simple organizational habits. These habits include

  • An organized closet
  • Keeping up on laundry
  • Making your bed
  • Having everything in place in your room

Yes these are very simple tasks that as adults these are concepts we understand.

HOWEVER, by completing these tasks you no longer have to worry about these elementary concepts. Your brain power can be used more towards solving problems or thinking about how to enhance your financial projects.

There are other aspects of life that can be organized as well. By utilizing tools like check off lists with apps like todoist make life so much easier to have your goals set out in front of you.

So how do you organize the types of content that are coming your way?

Surround Yourself with Accountability Partners.

One of the best ways to organize the content coming your way is by surrounding yourself with the people interested in what you are trying to achieve.

I want to specifically focus on the type of person that you should surround yourself with.

When I say accountability partner I don’t mean someone that will agree with you and is exactly like you. Yes it is important to find someone with the same interest but it is crucial that you find the people that will tell you the things that you don’t want to hear. This is most important to provide different aspects to a point of view you might have. I have learned that it would be ignorant for me to believe that all of my ideas and opinions are fact. In order to better understand certain situations I find that talking to my accountability partners provide different viewpoints that I have never considered before.

By surrounding yourself with these types of people, you better set yourself up for financial success as a new basket of solutions are unlocked.

For more research into accountability partners and the importance of their impact in your life, I highly recommend looking into videos of Ray Dalio. He has established his entire business model based off of the differing opinions of his coworkers and has spent extensive time and research into this topic.

Find your “Think Tank”

These “Think Tanks” are so important to your creative health.

I highly suggest finding a specific place that you enjoy being which fosters creative thought and allows you to think in peace. This can include places like….

  • Your local park
  • A hammock hung from two trees
  • Your backyard by the pool
  • Your office

Whatever it may be, find the place that you think the best and whenever you are presented with a financial situation, you can escape here and better create an environment of thought.

Sometimes being in the same spot constantly can be stale and can be tasking on the mind. What I have learned is by consciously placing myself in these “Think Tanks” my thoughts don’t become dry or irrelevant during crucial moments.

By creating these external traits in your life, you better place yourself in a position to handle financial questions in a more plausible way. Realizing this, I knew it was absolutely essential to talk about these concepts to better prepare for the learning experience that we are about to have together. I want you to be able to create the most callused mind so that in the future we can discuss topics that you are better fortified for.

Stay tuned in the future as we move on to important basic fundamentals for investing! And again don’t hesitate to reach out with any feedback you may have!

Andrew Martinez, owner and writer of Minerva Money

Instagram: @andrew.martinez__
Twitter: @andrewmartine_z
YouTube: @andrewmartinez

Andrew Martinez

Owner and writer of Minerva Money, a blog on personal finance for the average person who is interested in taking control of their future and alleviating themselves from the burden of uncertainty. I have a deep passion for helping those around me with not only finance but mental well-being so if you have any questions or just want to talk don't hesitate to reach out!

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