Minerva Money is up and Running!

FINALLY after weeks of preparation the site is finally up and running and I couldn’t be more excited to start this journey with you all.

My hope for Minerva Money is to create a place of learning for all who are searching for it.

Financial Success through investments in real estate and companies is a passion of mine that I hope to achieve one day. In the mean time however, I understand that these next few years are crucial as far as what I learn.

In an effort to better document my financial journey I have created this blog for all to share. I have always wanted to be able to surround myself with likeminded people who all share a common goal.

What better way to gather likeminded people then a blog!

I plan on creating new posts every Monday covering topics such as stock market investments, how I supply my investments, financial mentality, and much more.

If you have any suggestions for the website or any input as far as my blogs go I would seriously appreciate it as it would benefit both you and I.

Thanks again for watching my progress and I look forward to learning with you!

Andrew Martinez

Owner and writer of Minerva Money, a blog on personal finance for the average person who is interested in taking control of their future and alleviating themselves from the burden of uncertainty. I have a deep passion for helping those around me with not only finance but mental well-being so if you have any questions or just want to talk don't hesitate to reach out!

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