Giving and Tithing, Your Contribution is the best Investment on yourself you can make!

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Welcome All!

Hope all of you have been having a good week so far.

I thought this week I would touch on one of the most important things that you might read from this entire website and the most important message I can give to all of you.

This message that I am about to share with you is something that drives the very essence of why I enjoy the realm of personal finance.

It’s to be able to share with all of you an interest of mine and hopefully help you establish a life full of plenty that you can carry with you for the rest of your lives! Not just financially but also mentally! True wealth is defined as what we have plenty of, it is up to us to realize what the true meaning of attaining that financial wealth actually is.

Yes, it is to allow us to be able to live a stress free lives and be able to live life to the absolute fullest, but at the root of our reasoning, every person has some level of CONTRIBUTION to give back to the world.

In the wise words of Tony Robbins in his book Money Master the Game

The Secret to Living Is Giving!

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Why exactly am I hitting this topic so hard and why is this probably the most important concept that I can pass on to you? Because at the root of every financial decision we make our intentions are what drive us. Our intentions give life to our meaning and purpose in our journey.

By establishing our intentions for gaining financial wealth, we similarly are developing the spiritual wealth that we need in order to feel truly fulfilled!

So many millionaires and billionaires of today are unhappy, which is hard for someone who is making average income to understand. They have everything that they could ever ask for right? Or do they?

What I have found is that at the root of living, I am most happy when I am giving back to the world and my God for everything that has been given to me.

I’d like to go over some simple rules that I have established that I believe the universe has developed in order for us to truly connect with those around us.

Rules To the Ultimate Secret of Life

First off I’d like to hit one of the top sayings that comes to my head when I think of the reasons to give back.

Life supports what supports life!

Religious or not, this general rule of contribution seems to play a strong hand in everything that we do.

Some of the wealthiest men and women of our time have found this simple notion of life and have developed a sense of philanthropy that has enabled them to collectively contribute hundreds of billions of dollars all over the globe to organizations and causes that they deem worthy.

Now I don’t know about you but this makes me believe that they are on to something!

Give back to what God gives to you!

It would be an injustice to you, the viewer, if I didn’t hit this topic. Especially because I am covering the simple teachings that I have learned so far in my own life that go hand in hand with contribution. As a religious man, I have found that God tends to give to those who are more willing to give back!

In my own life, I have encountered countless times when I have decided to give back to God’s kingdom (which are his people) who are in need and he has always proven to give back in plenty. Not only in my own experiences but I’ve seen it so many times with other people.

Faith plays a big portion of this of course. Especially if you are in the mind frame where you believe that you’re not in the right financial situation to be able to give at this moment of your life.

I have one message for those who have felt this way because believe me I still feel this way at times but it gets me through every time.

If you can’t give with little you won’t give with a lot

At some points in time it seems hard to give when you have little. I understand. A lot of people are already under financial stress and don’t want to entertain giving away any more of their money if they don’t see some form of payment in return. Trust me, I was the same way for a very long time.

I soon realized however that I wasn’t just giving my money away for nothing, I was giving my money away to invest in myself!

No more was I going to be a slave to money but rather develop the mindset that I had a plentiful amount that could be given to enhance someone else’s life. This perspective change enables you to become a true master of not only your money but also your mind.

Not to mention it is EXTREMELY fulfilling to see your contribution on your neighbor’s lives.

“Be a Go-Giver not a Go-Getter” – Tony Robbins

Why do I believe that contribution can actually help your business or financial endeavors in the long run?

1. It allows you to become a master over your money, no longer will you be a slave over the obsession of obtaining but rather the obsession to obtain in order to GIVE.

2. Your contribution can actually make your business more successful in the long run! Every bit of benefit that you can provide to the consumers around the world will allow you to provide maximum VALUE which in turn will produce more sales or revenue.

3. I’ve found that just giving makes me happier in general, yes it is great when I am obtaining my fruits from hard labor, but it is even more fulfilling to be able to enhance the lives of those around me and watch how much of an impact I have made on that person’s life.

I wanted to hit this topic hard with all of you prior to a new post that I am creating which dedicates my percentages of my income into different portions of my life. I wanted you to be able to recognize the impact that your giving can have on not only other lives but also yourself! This selfless act can actually make you feel more fulfilled in the long run and it is a vital part of your future success financially no matter your financial situation or affiliation in life.

Thank you as always for your input and your opinions as they help me create more enhanced and valuable content for all of you to enjoy.

Don’t hesitate to reach out to me down below or send me an email to talk more about how you feel about your tithing and contribution to the world.

Andrew Martinez, owner and writer of Minerva Money

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Andrew Martinez

Owner and writer of Minerva Money, a blog on personal finance for the average person who is interested in taking control of their future and alleviating themselves from the burden of uncertainty. I have a deep passion for helping those around me with not only finance but mental well-being so if you have any questions or just want to talk don't hesitate to reach out!

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