Why You Need to Begin Your Entrepreneurial Pursuit (How it Will Develop You Tremendously)

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Certainty is one of the most desired and sought after traits that we as humans strive to attain. We want to make sure that we are comfortably covered as far as monetary, relationship, and fulfillment needs.

Because of this, we can sometimes find ourselves stuck from moving forward and pursuing a goal that we may have in mind. While paralyzed, the future of uncertainty certainly can impair our ability to achieve our deepest desires.

It is CRUCIAL that you do everything in your power to overcome this and move forward with your life. The opportunity that lies ahead truly trumps the regret that will inevitably cross paths with you, should you decide not to move forward.

How Taking the First Step has Changed my Own Life Drastically

Like many others, I have held a desire to be able to embark on my own entrepreneurial journey to find the other side of fulfillment. I carry the belief that producing is a vital part of our overall happiness and I knew that I needed to produce in some sort of way.

Although I held this desire, I had a problem, I didn’t know where to start. I knew that I had a pretty good idea of what I wanted to do and had multiple options to pick from, but which to choose first?

Perfectionism no doubt, plays a huge roll in this situation as no one wants to begin on the wrong foot. It’s unpleasant to have to go through turbulent times and because of that, we try to get things right the first time.

For 2 years I held this thought in my head, knowing that I wanted to start one of my many ideas but could never quite seem to find it within me to take any movement in any direction. Until I hit a breaking point.

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I believe that two things happen when confronting this paralysis. You either…

  • Get comfortable where you’re at in life and disregard your dreams
  • Let the feeling bottle up so much that eventually, you have no choice but to proceed

Fortunately, the later of the sorts happened for me and Minerva Money was born. This website became a way to produce, a way to create and share with people all of the financial information I had so vigorously learned over the years.

I soon realized how much failing I still had to do before I could succeed. Not only that, but the notion of being “consistent” was easier for me to conceptualize. It is one thing to hear what traits are needed to be adopted in order to be successful, but it’s another to fully internalize these concepts.

Granted, this journey hasn’t been the smoothest, but I know that I am further along now than I ever would’ve been, had I waited for the perfect opportunity.

Who knows, I could still even be waiting…

Why You NEED to Take the First Step

The thrill of uncertainty is the very nature of our humanity. We thrive on the unknown, and what possibilities could lie on the other side. The very thought of having a better quality of life is enough sometimes to be able to move us forward on any endeavor.

An entrepreneur seeks this same fulfillment. Whether it be because he or she is looking to change in their monetary status, produce something that will change the world, or be their own boss, every entrepreneur envisions an improved outcome on the other side of the proverbial tunnel.

When we get paralyzed however, we might find ourselves to become too comfortable in our current lives. Some start to convince themselves that where they are in life right now is completely ok for them, when deep down they know they want to make a change.

In our lives two different things can happen.

  1. We have no idea where to start and so we don’t start at all
  2. We have so many ideas of where to start we don’t know which one to choose
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Let me tell you, you can spend an ETERNITY trying to make a decision when all you need to do is take a first step.

What I have found through my own experience is that continuously moving forward through trial and error through many consecutive tries actually allows you to progress faster. Attempting to hit the nail on the head right away may actually hinder your overall growth since your actual progression time won’t compare to that of someone who has been failing and progressing over a longer amount of time.

Take a first step in any direction! You don’t have to be right, all it needs to be is a step. This is crucial for your development as a person and an entrepreneur. The first step usually can be rough. As baby’s when we take our first steps we fall but eventually get back up again and learn to walk. It’s the same concept here.

This first step is so much bigger than a decision. It not only allows you to progress, but also exposes your ability to lead as an entrepreneur.

How just BEGINNING will develop you as a person

As with anything in life, if we try anything enough times, we start to get better at it. Imagine as a business leader, how this could drastically change the way you operate in a workplace.

Some of the best entrepreneurs of our time have the innate ability to assess a situation and lead the entire company in a specific direction. How do you expect to lead a team let alone a COMPANY if you are unable to make a decision?

Taking this first step will allow you to really find out if you’re cut out for this type of entrepreneurial work. Don’t forget that as a successful business leader, you must be able to accurately naviagte through failure and find the lessons on the other side.

Ray Dalio, billionaire hedge fund owner of Bridgewater Associates, makes a point in his book Principles that the formula for success and progress consists of…

Pain + Reflection = Progress

Recognize that in order for us to progress, we must recognize failure. This is the most vital part that you need to remember when deciding to make your first step.

Yes, take a step in any direction, but consciously be aware when you’re taking that step of where you might fall. It is paramount that you find the lessons within what you have endured in order to make sure that you are improving and that you don’t fall backwards again.

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Through the consistent application of the formula above, we accidentally find ourselves in the position we so greatly desire. Our ability to adapt as humans is unparalleled to any other known species, it’s what allows us to thrive!

So what are you going to do? Will you take the first step in any direction and see where it takes you? A journey cannot start without putting your foot forward. It is completely up to you to take control of the situation at hand and make the most of it.

If you have any questions or need any guidance as far as taking that first step, don’t hesitate to reach out! Moreover, if you learned something today and found this article useful, a share to family and friends is much appreciated!

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Andrew Martinez, owner and writer of Minerva Money

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